About us
How it all started
The history of our agency began more than 3 years ago, with a great desire to do the necessary and important things that will change the world for the better! ⠀

The first step to achieving this goal was a small startup. We received a positive result only after 6 months of hard work. To implement the project, we started cooperation with a lot of amazing people and specialists, starting with the SEO-specialist, designer and professional copywriters, ending with developers and testers.

After a while, already in the process of work, we realized that we are good at running projects from design and development to the strategic plan and promotion. Since we were young and we needed money, we decided, in addition to our projects, to accept orders from close friends. People liked what our team is doing and were giving us new orders.

In the beginning, we have worked in the atmospheric cafes, where there was always a delicious coffee, but not quite comfortable chairs, not to mention such important things as the printer or screen for presentations, but it is a trifle when you want to conquer the world. So we began to think about creating our own agency!

Company registration
On April 1, 2017, documents were officially filed for company registration, and on the 5th, we received our first deposit into a bank account.

We were always lucky to meet good people and after a couple of days of searching for a new office, we were offered a couple of months in a test mode to visit the coworking space "404", which was really amazing. Noise, open space, constant movement - an unforgettable atmosphere of coworking, where meetings with our clients were held.
First office
For the first money saved, it was decided to rent a three-story office! Day by day, month by month, we went to our goal and continue to go. Now we have a well-established, obsessed team and the same burning eyes!

We strictly decided for ourselves that we would work only on those projects or with those people who are changing the world for the better and this has become our credo. Big plans ahead and many cool projects, that we will be happy to share.
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